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Dedicated to Benny Sue,
who I can't believe is already dancing to music,
and to my dear old Dad
who taught me the importance of lyrics.

This album stems mostly from a collaboration with my good friend Amir Yaghmai (The Voidz, Jogger, and the guy whistling on the score of Red Dead Redemption) who was willing to send me guitar sketches, which I then turned into songs. The rest of the album is made up of stuff I had been working on that seemed to fit the narrative, including a song I heard in a dream and a track I wrote with my brother Z back when we lived together in apartment 305 and decided to record a song every day of the week. We made it to Wednesday.


released March 1, 2016

Performed and Produced by Jed Whedon
With heavy instrumental contribution from Amir Yaghmai
Recorded at Burnside Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Mastered by Scott Sedillo at Bernie Grundman Mastering
Music and Lyrics written by Jed Whedon except
Tracks 1, 3, 6 & 7 – Music by Jed Whedon and Amir Yagmai
Track 4 – Lyrics by Jed Whedon and Zack Whedon

Special thanks to all those willing to contribute to this album. And to all family and friends who helped us though this past, very difficult year. Love.



all rights reserved


Jed Whedon and the Willing Los Angeles, California

Jed Tucker Whedon was born in Hollywood, California. He took piano lessons when he was a kid. His first recital was on a harpsichord and his teacher forbid him to listen music that featured electrified guitars. He now owns several and lives in the Los Angeles area with his wife Maurissa and daughter Benny Sue. ... more

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Track Name: Little Boat
Out of the woods I fetch twigs and string. You, my friend, are lost. Down at the river bank, drifts away. Little boat sinking down under the weight. She’ll give it all away. The glow and the laughter. She’s green and young and dumb and growing older each day. And I live to watch her play.

Swinging her legs out now over the edge. You can’t change my mind. Deep and it’s dark and the water is cold. The wood of the deck is sound. Will hold. She’ll give it all away. The roll on the hillside. She’s earthed and versed and old and growing older each day. And I live to watch her play.
Track Name: Let Her Go
Carved from maple wood. One an army tank, one a model sailboat to drag along the bank. Nothing so weak. Sure to sink again. Time to cut the string now, release in down the Seine. Let it go.

She in mustard fields. Hair in yellow rows. Dig to plant the seed and the weed inside him grows. Pain is unceasing from a phantom limb. Grab him by his collar and beat it out of him. Let it go.

One an army tank symbolizing strength. One a model airplane who keeps me at arms length. Nothing so weak as man in love. Tilt my head back, see you break through the clouds… Let her go.
Track Name: Innocent
Here’s to the lives of the innocent. Breaking their backs on the grounds. They live down at the bottom. They save coins in a jar. Shirts are sooty and sodden. They won’t get very far. Well to do in the slog as they are.

Here’s to the lives of the malevolent. Taking their time on the course. They drill down to the bottom. They do trade in the car. They wear white pima cotton. They say, “Have a cigar.” Well to do in the wrong as they are.

Here’s to the lives of the ignorant. Basking our hides in the sun. We don’t travel the bottom. We observe from afar. Nothing can’t be forgotten. We go fast to the bar. Well to do in the dark as we are.
Track Name: Pennsylvania
I don’t need your say. Rarely go my own way. One hand can count the times. One, two, three, four, five. All of it would pass. Bet on it my last dime.

Digging for the bottom till under water. Only see me stand in candlelight.

I was scared to death, asked me for a cigarette. I’d seen your face around. Lift up off the ground. Last thing I recall, morning was the first snowfall.

Digging for the bottom till under water. Only to abandon candlelight.
Track Name: Tongue Tied
Jake fell o’re the bow. We were crossing the lake. Frozen over, now the clod cannot drown in your wake. Clothes wring out, both hands, tongue, tied.

Dig to serve the crown round the castle walls. Now the moat is frozen over. Serves no purpose at all. Bells ring out, both hands, tongue, tied.

Decent loving eyes at a tender age. Frozen over, now the gaze – odium and rage. Neck wring out, both hands, tongue, tied.
Track Name: The Fire
All she’d hoped to find was a man to settle down. But she loves his heart, his mind, and the house on the edge of town. She can take it all.

He said, “I do admire how you take hard times with a laugh.” But she lost him in the fire along with every photograph. She can take it all.
Track Name: Like Snow
Doesn’t really matter how long you spend musing. Who knows why the heart strings give to the bow?

Doesn’t matter what the problem is. Telling? Who knows.? We can’t carry, it overflows.

And it’s beautiful like snow: Too cold, but the structure need that to hold.